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Girls Volleyballl “A” Team

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The Ridgecrest girls volleyball “A” team, is a team filled with hard-working, fun, and prestigious players. They practice every Tuesday and Thursday in their green, white, and black uniforms. The team is known for their skillful and honored girls and their wonderful coach, Mr. Woodward. Even if the team was victorious for one game, they are still winners at what they do. The star player on the team, Aly Yook, was interviewed for her commitment and contribution to the volleyball team.

How did you become the star player?

Aly Yook: I practice a lot with my club team, Surfside, and get my training from there and perform my best during RIS games and practices.

Was the season fun for you?

AY: It was fun, but we lost so many games and that was the not fun part of the season.

How are you going to get better?

AY: I will practice because practice makes perfect!

On October 18th, the team won against El Segundo Middle School, a game that made the girls smile. All the players exclaimed, “finally” and happily came back to Ridgecrest. Mr. Woodward was excited for the girls too, and was interviewed on the season.

Why did the volleyball team lose so many games?
Mr. W: Our league may be the toughest Junior High School league in the country. We are competing against volleyball power houses like Hermosa, Manhattan, and Redondo Beach. Some of the best volleyball players in the world come from these towns. Many of our competitors have several years of experience and play a higher level of volleyball.
Was this particular season different from the others?
Mr. W: Unfortunately, the history of girls’ volleyball here at Ridgecrest is not one of league championships and I think this year was typical of past seasons.
What was your favorite part of teaching this team?
Mr. W: I love participating with the student athletes of Ridgecrest! It’s great to see them in a different environment other than the classroom. It’s refreshing to watch the girls playing a sport they enjoy and having fun with their fellow classmates.
Most of the Ridgecrest girls that participated in the team will continue to play volleyball to the best of their abilities.

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Girls Volleyballl “A” Team