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Competitor In the World of Electric Cars

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Maserati decides to make an electric car from the design and durability of the Tesla Model S, but the problem is, the car will have to be waited until 2020 to arrive from the makers. The car will not compete against Tesla. According to Car and Driver, a famous car magazine, it says that, “They are late in the game, and will probably be the “last” to market in the premium segment.”

As the Maserati continues to work on this new vehicle, Ronan Glon, of the Digital Trend website, it states that, “Maserati is one of the very few premium brands that is yet to adopt electrification.” It means that, Maserati probably hasn’t mastered the art of electrification to modify a car. This is the main reason why the Maserati company would try to not exactly copy, but to make an electric car from a different company’s car. It has been said that other car companies have been trying to fish out information on the Tesla’s electric car.

An issue that Maserati has had in the past few years is that, they don’t make their own car design. They usually use a design that is a slightly modified version of the Jaguar F-Type or a BMW 5 class M4. This has been one of the major problem with the modern cars too.

Although, Maserati seems like a bad car the way the internet describes it nowadays, it’s not that bad at all. It was once a very small company that was owned by Fiat. In fact, because Maserati started to get famous all around the world, that made the Fiat company to become famous too. Two or three years ago, you wouldn’t have seen many Fiat commercials, until Maserati became famous.

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Competitor In the World of Electric Cars